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Matthew Fox

Was born and raised in southwestern Idaho, graduated from University of Oregon in 1996, earned Ph.D. at Princeton in 2005. I've taught classical languages and literatures and diverse humanities courses at Princeton, Rutgers University, Deep Springs College, St. Peter's College, and Whitman College. I've authored, designed, and taught several online courses. Since 2014, I have taught history, humanities, and Latin at a small private high school in NJ for gifted students with learning challenges, and tutored-mentored middle school, high school, and college students for entry exams (SAT, ACT, GRE, etc) and various subject areas. 


I write poetry, creative prose, and compose and record music. My family was musical and generally artistic/creative. I started playing drums and then guitar and harmonica in high school. I've recorded on cassette tape and then digitally since 1992. I enjoy the whole process of recording, mixing, mastering, the alchemy of taking rough tracks and blending them in the DAW until they glow with some strange ethereal flow of sounds.  

My books include a verse translation of Lucan's Civil War, a Latin epic about the Roman civil wars written during the time of Nero, and my poetry book Butte County. (See BOOKS). 

In 2020, I moved into a big blue converted Ford Transit van and started living on the road and touring the country. I track my travels on Instragram, @matthewwfox and my extra photos I put on @mattfoxwander.

1608849478891 (1).jpg

The bear in the picture to the right wandered through my campsite once. I don't even think she saw me as she walked right by my tent. 

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