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A magnificent new translation of the enduring epic about the sundering of the Roman Republic.

"Lucan lived from 39-65 AD at a time of great turbulence in Rome. His Civil War portrays two of the most colorful and powerful figures of the age--Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great, enemies in a vicious struggle for power that severed bloodlines and began the transformation of Roman civilization. With Right locked in combat with Might, law and order broke down and the anarchic violence that resulted left its mark on the Roman people forever, paving the way for the imperial monarchy. Accessible and modern yet loyal to the rhetorical brilliance of the original, this will be the definitive Civil War of our times."

published in the Penguin Classics, 2012

"An apocalyptic pastoral found clutched in the hands of a dead man, deep in an Idaho cave -- Or so says the author of this textual hoax. Caveat lector!"

Samizdat publication of a dead man's last will and testament, with copious notes by Chief Editor involved in uncovering and disentangling the mysteries of the curious, unique manuscript. 

The song below, "When Day Dawned," I consider a kind of introduction to the poem, which I finished after recording in the general wake of Hurricane Katrina.

When Day Dawned - Matt Fox (2006)
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